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Continuum of Care

While The Living Vine does not have aftercare facilities, we will assist you in your search for suitable placement if you are in our program for at least five months.

Our policy on adoption is simple: We strongly believe the decision to parent or place for adoption must be left to the mother, her family and God.  This decision will affect the mother and baby for a lifetime.  As we are only with each resident for a finite amount of time, we do not believe it is our place to influence the residents in their choice.  Instead,  we desire to empower  each resident with the tools to seek a personal relationship with God, in order that she can know what His perfect plan is for her and her child. Ultimately, she needs to find peace with her decision, the peace that only God can give.

As a Georgia State Licensed Maternity Home, we are not allowed to facilitate any private adoptions.  All adoptions must be provided by state licensed adoption agencies.  All residents who request adoption referrals are given the names of state licensed, Christian adoption agencies.